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Jo Weaver, ředitelka JWA Prague, píše pravidelné blogy v nichž hovoří o problémech spojených s PR a marketingem, vedením PR agenury a další podobných tématech. Výběr z těchto blogů si můžete přečíst níže. V současnosti jsou k dispozici pouze v anglickém jazyce.

Dear Father Christmas

4th January, 2013

I am not a huge fan of social media, as everyone that knows me will tell you, but I do quite like Linked-in, and there are a few blogs that I follow, my favourite being by one of the UK’s biggest entrepreneurs who, every month, writes a short business-focused blog that is, to my mind, full of words of wisdom.

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Marketing for free

15th November, 2012

Over the past few weeks we have had a flurry of requests for meetings to discuss potential marketing or PR campaigns for a number of different companies. I like to think that this is a positive sign and that things are starting to improve, although it is clear from some of our discussions

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Customer Service is a key!

25th October, 2012

When times are hard, it is not always easy to be involved in the marketing of a company, whether in-house or as an outsourced agency; marketing costs are the first to be slashed when companies are looking to save money, and marketing people are the first to be blamed when the sales slow-down.

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Walking Billboards

Tuesday, 25th September

Last night I attended a roundtable discussion where we touched on the subject of ‘networking’. Now, we all know that Prague is a small town, and word of mouth is probably the most effective marketing tool that many of us have (service companies anyway). But I am continually baffled by people that believe that anyone can ‘do networking’

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Getting Started

Monday, 25 June 2012

Before you embark on a marketing/PR campaign, you need to have a plan; I am a planning freak as I really believe that for something (anything) to be successful, there has to be a plan of attack.

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