Case Studies

  • Through the years, JWA has worked for a wide range of both major international investors and smaller, local companies, carrying out many different services, from serious crisis management, to the design and print of brochures and websites, to the organization of themed parties.

    However, since we are not always visible – we tend to be working behind the scenes, with the aim being for our clients to be in the spotlight - we are often asked what exactly it is that we do! That might sound a bit strange to someone involved in the business themselves, but in this part of the world, the differences between marketing, advertising, PR and so on are often misunderstood, and it is not unusual for us to get a request from a company to meet and discuss their PR requirements, and then have a long discussion about how we can help with their advertising!

    Bearing this in mind, it is easy to understand how difficult it is for one agency to set itself apart from another, and, even more importantly, to explain to a prospective client how a good communications campaign can support its business.

    Our ‘ideal client’ is, really, the one that says ‘I want to promote my company, but I don’t know how to do it – here’s my budget, what do you suggest?’ At which point, we will call on all of our creative skills and ideas to put together a marketing campaign that will fit with the client’s budget and will get them the very best results that we can achieve. But, of course, not many clients say this! A starting point in our discussions will normally be, therefore, to give examples of all the possible tools at the client’s disposal, and to establish what might best work for them. Illustrating these tools on line is not easy, but we think that giving a few concrete examples helps. Please click on one of the company logos on the right to see examples of project structures, processes and results achieved by JWA.



    This boutique law firm had relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations since it was established in early 2007, but then, with the advent of the financial crisis at the end of 2008, work started to decline (it had had a very strong financial and real estate practice) and the partners realized that they would need to get a lot more active if they were to sustain their business. JWA was approached in 2012 with a request that we help to rebrand the corporate image to make it a lot more modern and ‘stand-out’, and then assist with promoting the firm on an increasingly competitive market. Since this was a short-term project with a very limited budget, efficiency was an even greater priority than usual. Rather than a complete rebranding, therefore, we thought that it would be more cost and time effective to take what was already being used and simply ‘upgrade it’, and then, since we received the go ahead at the end of the spring, use the summer months to prepare everything and wait with the promotion until everything was ready to go – thereby saving on PR and marketing fees. Rebranding was duly carried out during July and August and, at the same time, a focused and proactive marketing campaign was prepared in conjunction with the client. First, of course, was the creation of a new logo and general corporate image, as without that, none of the other materials could be prepared. This was followed by a revamp of the existing website, preparation of new business cards, headed paper and other stationery, the design and print of multi-lingual brochures, and a new, digital newsletter – all following the firm’s overall existing look, but significantly modernized and brightened up. From September until December, the marketing campaign kicked in properly, using all of the above marketing tools for a number of promotional activities. What was most successful, however, was the short-term PR campaign that was embarked upon – actually, what was really interesting was that, as with most of the law firms we have worked with, Schoultz & Partners was initially hesitant to embrace a PR campaign as they felt that they did not have anything interesting to speak about (or the time available to prepare anything)… but also, like most law firms, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they do…. on both counts! Just like a diet or fitness plan, a fundamental key to the marketing success, however, is the need to develop the plan to fit the company, rather than trying to shape the company to fit the ideal plan. Because of this, JWA was keen to incorporate the firm’s previous marketing strategy (i.e. ‘word of mouth’) into the overall plan, since it had worked before, but to make it more effective, JWA coached the firm into making the most of all meetings, lunches and sponsorships. In addition, we agreed that Schoultz would be represented at a minimum of 7 meetings, lunches or social gatherings per month, and that those representatives would always be armed with brochures, business cards and other professional materials. Altogether, we believe that both the client and the agency felt that the strategy was a success. We enjoyed this project because we were able to bring so many different skills and practices together, and watch those efforts develop into a strong and recognizable brand. Whilst JWA’s part in the firm’s ongoing success was quite short, we were proud that we would be able to see our work continuing to bring success to Schoultz & Partners, and hope that it continues for many years to come.

  • Tesco Assets and Estates


    What everyone saw was the opening itself; three action-packed days of events, pop bands, fashion shows, VIP guests and so on, plus an advertising and promotional campaign that started about six months before and ran on until the opening weekend.

    What they didn’t see was the huge and complicated amount of PR that went on for nearly three years beforehand.

    The local Mayor and his councillors were not sure that they wanted to agree to the building of the biggest shopping mall in Europe (at that time) in the middle of what was, in effect, a small village. The locals didn’t like it one bit, and there was an election coming up so the Mayor was worried about how the situation would affect his votes.

    JWA facilitated ongoing support by the developer for the local community – sponsorship of sporting events, the local schools’ art competition, regular information by way of monthly newsletters and information boards on the site, competitions for people living locally, opportunities to meet celebrities on the site (ice hockey players signing autographs, singers performing at the weekend, etc) with the aim of persuading the locals that this was a ‘good thing’ and, thereby, encouraging their support of the Mayor – plus, of course, monthly meetings with the Mayor and councillors to up-date them on progress

    The Letting Agents needed support to persuade the big brands that they should be in this mall above all others – bearing in mind that it is 8 km outside the centre of town, the first of its size and scale and one of many other new malls opening during the same period

    JWA provided ongoing positive articles about the mall in the real estate media (which the potential tenants were most likely to read), regular events on site with invitations to potential tenants (a) to visit and see the scale of the development, (b) to meet other tenants either signed or otherwise, and (c) to make potential tenants feel that they were something ‘special’

    The Czech Republic was not sure that it was ready for so many shopping malls and hypermarkets at this time and the media was, in general, writing fairly negative reports on the effects of such schemes, which had the potential to undo the good work that was being done with regard to the Letnany residents and likely tenants

    A proactive and consistent national media campaign was initiated, positioning the developer as the expert on hypermarket development and stressing all the benefits that hypermarkets bring to the area which, of course, required a significant amount of research and preparation (often using the UK as an example) – the number of jobs brought to the area, the improvements to transport links, the number of additional leisure activities that the hypermarkets bring (usually cinemas, sporting possibilities (in the case of Letnany an ice rink and swimming pool),) the increase in the value of property in the area, the additional parking and so on.

    The end result was that the launch campaign for Obchodni Centrum Letnany was voted the best marketing campaign for a shopping mall in the whole of the Czech Republic for that particular year.

  • Prague ESPN America

    ESPN America is a well known brand name for anyone who has either actively played or been a fan of American football, basketball, hockey or baseball. This British based European sports network focuses on professional and collegiate sports in the United States and Canada, and in the Czech Republic, in particular, it is known for broadcasting the ever popular National Hockey League (NHL).

    Although JWA is not a diehard follower of these particular sports (except for our Managing Director having a number of friends amongst the Czech hockey elite and another member of the team being a basketball nut), when ESPN approached us to help with the promotion of their coverage of a special NHL event in Prague, we were, of course, delighted to get creative and give it our best shot!

    Our brief was comprised of just one single goal: to ensure that the ESPN America brand received maximum exposure during the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere event, which saw the NHL’s Boston Bruins and Phoenix Coyotes match-up against each other during two regular-season games at the O2 Arena in Prague. Whilst ESPN America is the official broadcasting partner of the NHL in Europe, the overwhelming media and public attention that the games attracted, particularly in view of the Czech hockey stars taking part and the organizers’ own promotion, could have left ESPN America a bit in the shade. JWA’s role was to look for ways to ensure that ESPN America received “its share of the pie” with regards to the attention of the national media, and, overall, to raise its awareness amongst the Czech public.

    JWA carried out a variety of activities, including a targeted PR campaign and promotional events that directly addressed potential ESPN America viewers and provoked a fun interaction with the brand, which overall, helped to spread the key message.

    For its PR campaign, JWA targeted a selection of the main national, sports, and television media. Each press release was tailored according to the type of media and all contained the key message of ESPN America as the main broadcasting partner of the event and in addition, that hockey fans could look forward to the most comprehensive coverage of the whole NHL season.

    The most exciting part, which also required the most work and preparation, was the coordination of a number of promotional events on the days leading up to the games. Those who go along with the saying that “bigger is better” would definitely not argue that a 2-meter ESPN America hockey puck, rolled through the streets of Prague by two bulky hockey players and accompanied by a group of charming ESPN America cheerleaders, was a pretty good way to turn a few heads. The puck rolling route was organized so that it covered most of the commercial areas around the city centre, particularly during rush hour, thereby generating the biggest amount of interaction and, of course, visibility of the ESPN America channel. This was even further aided with the distribution of promotional leaflets and Polaroid snapshot photos, which the team captured for passersby interested in posing for a picture with the puck.

    At the O2 arena where the games were held, JWA organized the placement of a custom designed ESPN America stand with cut out walls for fans to pose for Polaroid pictures as real NHL players. The stand invited thousands of fans present at the games to be part of the action with ESPN America.

    The project for ESPN America is an example of one of the less conventional activities that JWA is often approached to organise. It was, however, a challenge that we happily accepted and we would like to believe that the interest that we generated will result in the channel’s higher viewership for its broadcasting in the Czech Republic. If this is the case, then you need to prepare your cameras and be on the lookout for giant pucks during the next NHL event in Prague…


    For an agency that is as passionate about sport as JWA, Prague International Marathon (PIM), the company that organizes the Prague Marathon and Half Marathon as well as a number of other races, has always been interesting to us; many of our team have run in its races, and our Managing Director has taken part in the Half Marathon on eight different occasions! It was, therefore, a very exciting day for us when we were appointed to handle the PR for PIM.

    No-one on the outside could possibly imagine the amount of work and the huge team that is required to organise running races of this magnitude, and even after an enormous initiation process, we were constantly being surprised at the different issues that have to be dealt with. From local authorities, to professional athletes’ requirements, to celebrities attending and the needs of the sponsors and media, the work required from a PR agency point of view, was, particularly at the beginning, near to overwhelming.

    Our initial brief was three-fold; first of all, to improve the overall perception of the PIM races in the media (in the past, particularly in the early days, there was more talk of the disruption to traffic caused by closing the roads for these long distance races than all the positive benefits that these races bring to the city). Secondly, to find ways of building the corporate brand throughout the year, rather than just focusing on the PR around each race. And, thirdly, to get more of the local people, particularly women, up and running – in the year before JWA was appointed, nearly 50% of the participants in the PIM races were from outside the Czech Republic.

    In our first year, we came up with the idea of organising the PIM Women’s Challenge – PIM invited women who entered its races to fill in a form about themselves, giving reasons why they took up running, what they would like to achieve, etc, and organized a panel of judges to choose ten women to follow through their training and up to the race. All women entering the challenge received a number of benefits, but the ten ‘chosen’ competitors had access to their own trainer as well as various other benefits, with the outright winner receiving the use of a new Volkswagen car. The competition is now an annual event, as it proved so successful – in the first year, we more than doubled the number of women taking part in the PIM races, and we opened the door to a lot of PR opportunities that we hadn’t had in the past – the women’s magazines, glossies and lifestyles, who had not, until then, followed PIM.

    In 2010 we persuaded some of the leading Czech winter sports athletes (the world champion cross country skier, the Olympic gold medalist speed skier, and the Nordic Olympic Ski team) to take part in one of the team races during the Volkswagen Marathon Weekend. The spectacle of three leading winter sportsmen running alongside the top Kenyans at the head of the pack was something to behold, and the media went crazy. This was the year that our PR campaign for PIM was shortlisted for the award of "Best PR Campaign in Sport' in the European Excellence Awards.

    The PIM project was demanding, difficult and, at times, dramatic. It required the whole gambit of PR and marketing skills, from great writing skills and creativity, to drafting speeches and presentations and crisis management. If we had to give one reason for our success, it would be planning; we were continually making plans and going over and over the details – you name it, there was a plan. And it is the planning, more than anything else that is, we believe, the basis to any good PR campaign.


    Kempinski Hotel Hybernská Prague is one of Prague’s leading luxury 5-star hotels located in a beautiful historic palace in the centre of the city, and a member of the Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group.

    Prague has seen a boom in the number of hotels opening in the city since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, and by 2008, when the Kempinski Hotel Hybernska opened its doors, there were more than 40 ‘five star’ hotels in what is a relatively small capital city. When the world economic crisis hit the Czech Republic, therefore, with its subsequent decrease in the number of tourists visiting the country, the hotel industry was one of the first to really feel the strain.

    The first year of the Kempinski’s life in Prague was tough, and by the summer of 2010 the management realised that it needed to take some urgent action to be able to meet its very high expectations in what was, by then, an increasingly difficult market. Part of this action was the appointment of a new General Manager, who then brought in a PR agency that would support a new and proactive sales and marketing approach.

    The agency’s expertise in the Czech market and, in particular, its many years’ experience in running public relations campaigns and communication strategies for the hospitality industry, made JWA Prague the ideal partner for the Kempinski Hybernská in its mission to take a leading position on the local market. Of course, a PR agency can only work with the material that it is given, but the Kempinski Hotel and its team has a lot to talk about, and all of its key people understand how a proactive PR campaign can support its marketing and sales.

    Whilst the hotel group as a whole generates a lot of news, and the Kempinski Hybernska’s General Manager is very open to discussing results and initiatives with the media, the enormous amount of press coverage that the hotel has received has been due to a number of other factors as well; particularly its ‘star’ chef, for whom JWA has some very exciting plans for the future, its award winning bar and restaurant, and its stunning garden, which is one of just a handful of hotel gardens in the city.

    In order to achieve all of its goals, JWA has worked hard to build strong and effective relationships with all of the relevant media, plus, of course, the Kempinski Hybernska is interesting to the key business media that JWA cooperates with on a regular basis as well. In addition to weekly press releases, JWA works hard to generate articles and interviews for key personnel, whilst proactively looking for opportunities for the hotel to host events or get involved in sponsorships, all with the ultimate aim of enhancing the overall image of the Kempinski Hotel Hybernská Prague whilst taking advantage of and highlighting some of the unique features of the hotel.

    The Kempinski Hotel Hybernská Prague prides itself in the management of its talent. It is due to this talent that the hotel is able to be as successful as it now is; from an agency’s perspective, it is the perfect client; one that understands that encouraging people to give of their best definitely gets the best, even from its external suppliers!

  • AIG


    Following on from the global financial turmoil in the second half of 2008, which saw some of the biggest players in the financial world come crashing down, JWA Prague, as the Czech and Slovak affiliate agency of Financial Dynamics, one of the world’s leading communications agencies (now part of FTI Consulting), was appointed to handle the regional crisis communication campaign for one of the most famous global financial players - AIG.

    This project was an excellent example of how a network of agencies being instructed by one central ‚hub‘ can carry out an effective, strategic and co-ordinated media campaign throughout a whole region – or, in this case, the whole world - since the London office was directing all of the European agencies, and the US office was dealing with the rest of the world.

    The whole team was instructed within hours of the news of AIG´s financial problems breaking, and was immediately put on 24 hour a day standby to prepare, translate and deliver various documents to the numerous different stakeholders involved in the crisis. Daily video conferences with New York, telecons between agencies, and regular meetings with each country’s AIG team ensured that everyone affected or interested in what was happening with AIG was receiving the same messages, irrespective of where they were based. Of course, the response from the media varied from country to country, but, again, the responses that were given, and the interviews that were granted, conveyed the same messages, only slightly adapted to suit the local situation.

    The team from JWA had quite a big challenge on its hands since, despite the Czech and Slovak Republics having fairly similar operations in place, the cooperation with the local offices was very different. In the Czech Republic, the General Manager was in complete shock at what was happening, and was reluctant to involve anyone from outside (including JWA), even though his instructions from head office were clear. He had, however, been running a very successful local office that had never really communicated with the media, and he was now coming under attack from all sides. This required a real ‚kid gloves‘ approach, with diplomacy and caution being the order of the day, particularly in the way that we dealt with the media and the ongoing communication with the local personnel.

    In Slovakia, on the other hand, the local GM welcomed JWA’s involvement with open arms and was keen to do as much as he possibly could to communicate with the media, to meet with customers, and to calm his staff, all of which needed to be contained within the strict guidelines that were being given.

    For two months, the ‚AIG‘ team at JWA lived and breathed the crisis but unfortunately, with the spotlight on every penny that was going out, AIG decided to withdrew from the global communication campaign and JWA’s work was finished.

    It can sometimes be a hard lesson to learn when working in a PR agency, particularly for the younger and/or newer members of the team. One minute your whole life is taken over by a client, the next they disappear and you never speak to them again. Not always easy!

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