Crisis Management

Over the years, JWA has proved itself to be one of the leading agencies in the field of crisis management in the Czech Republic, having acted for numerous clients that have been through some sort of crisis, from demonstrations and strikes, to miners being killed, to poisoned goods! Whilst every crisis is different, one thing is always the same; the need to have a team of people on your side that know how to handle the media in these situations, that can stay calm when everyone around you is feeling that the walls are crumbling in, and that can advise on all of the steps that are needed to ensure that the crisis is minimized, both internally and externally. Of course, everyone hopes that their company will never suffer a crisis, but sometimes the most unexpected can happen. If and when it does, the last thing you want is for the media to find out and make a great (and potentially damaging) story of it. As a starting point, therefore, it makes sense to have a crisis management plan in place – this is a little bit like taking out an insurance policy; you hope that you will never need to make a claim, but you have it, just in case! If you don’t know where to start, JWA will help you to prepare a crisis management plan that sets out all the necessary steps that you will need to take to minimize any publicity in times of crisis, and, should the need arise, we will work with you to ensure that the plan works, that your people know what to do and say, and that the media only hear what you want them to hear.