Financial Communication

Whether you are already listed on a stock exchange or planning an IPO, JWA has the expertise and experience necessary to provide a tailored financial communication strategy for your company and to help you in communication with your shareholders.

With financial communications still a relatively recent form of PR in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and with many companies fairly new to the stringent requirements that being listed on the stock market requires of them, an agency that really understands corporate finance, that can help its clients to produce scripts for investor calls, press releases that accurately report its accounting results, and annual reports that are well written and in English, can be worth its weight in gold. Welcome to JWA!

JWA is one of the most experienced agencies in the Czech Republic in the field of financial communications, and is able to advise its clients on investor relations, shareholder announcements, financial news management, and much more. We will look at ways to enhance and protect your reputation and to position your brand and market your products. We will draft your reports and releases and ensure that they are equally fluent in both Czech and English. If required, we will try to help you to solve your critical business challenges and will act as a barrier between you and the media when necessary. In short, we will make your financial communications strategy a successful marketing tool rather than a burden that has to be suffered. And, if that is not enough, we will even turn the preparation of your annual report into a straightforward exercise rather than a major concern.

If you are thinking of an IPO, are already listed, or you feel that you could benefit from working with an agency that is fluent in the skills of financial communication, then contact us. Our team of financial PR experts will be happy to help you.