Public Relations

Public Relations

JWA is a full service PR agency that operates a general practice, although its key areas of expertise are high level corporate, business to business, hospitality, real estate, sport and financial public relations.

JWA is happy to work on a project-by-project basis or a monthly retainer. Clients generally choose a monthly retainer when they need a full range of PR services or when there is a need for ongoing advice and assistance. In either case, JWA will do its best to understand as much about the client’s business as possible in the shortest amount of time, to establish what the overall aim of the PR activity is and then look for opportunities and ideas that will achieve the best end result in the budget available.

A standard public relations campaign can include all or some of the following:

Press Releases

JWA employs some of the best copywriters in the country and it is often appointed simply to write a piece of English text, or to work on an English or Czech document that has been written by someone else but that still requires some polishing. Companies often underestimate how important the actual writing of a press release is with regard to its likely publication; a well-written “newsy” release is much more likely to get published than one that is too long, badly written or difficult to understand. JWA will ensure that all materials sent to journalists will be of the highest possible quality, whatever the language, thereby giving its clients the best possible chance of having the release published.


Press releases are sometimes called ‘news releases’ which explain, better, what they should be used for; publishing news! Sometimes clients will ask for a press release to be written and issued purely because they see it as a cheaper way of publicizing something than placing an advert. The fact is, though, that unless there is a real news element to a press release, it is unlikely to be published, and no agency really wants to spend a client’s time and money on writing and sending out materials that fail to achieve the desired result.

Sometimes, therefore, it can be more effective to write an article on a particular topic or story which the agency can then endeavour to place in a suitable magazine or paper, or to organise an interview with a key journalist who may specialize in a subject that is particularly relevant to a given client.

JWA will look for ideas and write and place articles for its clients, and will identify suitable journalists to carry out interviews on important issues as and when appropriate. It goes without saying, of course, that JWA has excellent contacts with all of the media in its key areas of business, thereby enabling it to be able to organise such articles or interviews at reasonably short notice.

Press Monitoring

There is little point in sending out a press release, placing an article or organising an interview if no-one checks to see if there has been any coverage.

JWA will organise all of its client’s press monitoring, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, will stay in touch with journalists to try and encourage the publication of anything that has been issued, will liaise between the journalist and the client if there are questions or answers that need to be given on any topic, and will ensure that clients receive a complete pack of both cuttings and summary translations (if required) on a regular basis.

Press Briefings/Events

When a company has a substantial piece of news, the most effective way to pass this on to the media can often be to hold a press conference or press briefing, thereby giving all the relevant journalists the same news at the same time in one fell swoop. JWA will advise on the type of press briefing or conference and will organise everything from sourcing the venue, technical equipment, catering, etc, to writing and translating the various documents that might be included in a press pack. JWA can also assist with hostesses, check-in, interpreting and moderating any event, if required.