Reputation Management

Similarly to crisis management, a situation may arise which, if wrongly reported or misconstrued (or even correctly reported, but you would prefer that it had been kept out of the news!), can affect your company’s reputation and cause enormous damage; for example, a high profile person leaving a company for innocent reasons might be reported in such a way that it is perceived that the company is laying off people and is in trouble.

JWA will advise you in such a situation as to whether to involve the media, how best to do it, will monitor and advise you on how to respond to what is being reported, and generally ensure that any situation that may be seen as a negative is reported in a positive light.

The old maxim ‘any publicity is good publicity’ is not always the case, but in the right hands it can be. Sometimes, though, it is better to say nothing. Either way, JWA has considerable experience in helping its clients to maintain or repair their reputation. In a world where ‘word of mouth’ is one of the most powerful marketing tools, you or your company’s reputation can make a huge difference between success and failure. The media can be all powerful in this respect, so when problems arise, you need a good sword and a good shield.